Complementary Coaching Call

Your Complementary Life Coaching Call!

You may wonder how a ‘Life Coach’ can be instrumental in helping you achieve the life that you wish for yourself.  Would you like to learn …………


  • How to change ‘Dreams’ into ‘Goals’.
  • How to identify Measurable Goals.
  • How to set a sensible Time frame to achieve your goal.
  • How to ‘Eat an Elephant’!! (don’t worry, just an expression!).
  • Why ‘Focus’ is such an important word.
  • The ‘secret’ of most of the worlds successful people?

It is no surprise that the most successful Athletes, Sports Teams, Entrepreneurs, Business Execs. Actors, Public Speakers and Celebrities all benefit from positive, regular Coaching.  Here is your opportunity to explore the possibilities of having your own coach to change the way you see yourself and your future life.

For a limited time we have a few slots in our schedule when we may be able to connect with you, by Telephone or Skype, for a 30 minute, no cost, coaching appraisal call, which will allow you to decide whether you could benefit from having a coach who will be able to encourage and guide you to a rewarding and successful future.

To take advantage of this genuinely time sensitive offer, please let us know how to contact you, by using the simple form below and we will look forward to ‘virtually’ meeting you!

 Please enter your best

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Kind regards,

Tony James and Louise

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