Running a business can be a lonely occupation.

A Man Alone

It Can Be Lonely at the Top

Not just when you are an entrepreneur or ‘one-man-band’, but even in a small business with just a few employees or outworkers, or a corporate situation, sometimes it is god to not just ‘think outside the box’ but be able to connect with someone who is ‘outside the box’, that is who isn’t directly involved with your business. Someone who can see it from a different perspective, see issues in a different light, who can separate the real from the shadows, stay free from the biases and emotional pulls that you as the owner, CEO or simply Boss, become entangled with and occasionally blinded by. In short, a Coach.

Your coach won’t dwell on your historical mistakes, nor give you technical advice, that is the job of other specialists, your coach is there to support you, encourage you, and help you keep focused on the things you do best, the reason why you are in business, the goals that you have set, the strengths you have, and to hold you accountable to the aims you have, the promises that you have made to yourself.

Running a business can be described as making a journey. When you are occupied with controlling your vehicle, you cannot always see the bigger picture and what is happening in your immediate vicinity or in the near or far distance.


'Eye in the Sky'

‘Eye in the Sky’

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own private ‘eye-in-the-sky’ helicopter in a position to see what you cannot, be aware of possible roadblocks, congested roads, weather conditions, diversions and shortcuts, have your destination in view and the best route towards it. This can be likened to the role of a Business Coach, who can guide you in making your own decisions, questioning your own actions and staying positive and focused on your business journey. Most successful business owners through history have benefited from personal coaching, although the actual term has only been universally used to any degree in the last decade.

Athletes and sports teams have an entourage of coaches and their performance depend greatly upon the effectiveness of their coaches, consequently sports Coaching is a highly publicized and indeed highly paid profession. Life and Business coaches while having equally awesome responsibility, seldom enjoy (?) the publicity that their sporting colleagues have but nonetheless provide their clients with tremendous benefits.

The Blogs on this and following pages are posted in an endeavor to pass on just some of the hints and tips that have been highlighted during my sessions with my clients. I hope you enjoy and use them to your success!

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Short Term Goals Keep Your Business on Track

Goal SettingIf you recall, we have been using the analogy of a literal journey to discover the importance of setting goals in life and business. We have already established that on any particular journey our final destination can be seen as a long-term goal. In the previous article we assigned our mid term goals to various way-points on our journey. Continue reading

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Why set mid-term and short-term goals?

If you have long-term goals why are medium term and short term goals necessary? Why not just set out and aim for the long-term goals? ● Mid-term goals are great as easily identifiable achievements. ● Mid-term goals should be a … Continue reading

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How to Avoid The Three Biggest Mistakes in Goal Setting

Aim for Goal● Not differentiating between Dreams and Goals
● Not Setting Goals that stretch you
● Not setting a Time


Not differentiating between Dreams and Goals

Thinking about our illustration of a journey to represent our business venture, how often have you heard people say something like, “One day I am going to drive right around England to explore the country!” In business terms this is just like saying, ”One day I am going to have a business which is going to make me lots of money!”
Both of these declarations are initially just dreams or ideas and will stay that way until they are first defined and then acted upon. Continue reading

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Exactly Where is Your Business Heading?

In our previous discussions we spoke about setting up three specific types of goals. In simple terms these are;

Where Is your Business Heading


● Long-term goals
● Mid term goals
● Short-term goals

Using our illustration of a business journey, we could think of our long-term goal as being our destination, the end of our journey. Maybe a mid-term goal would be deciding where we are going to stop for lunch or perhaps to re-fuel. Our short-term goals could simply be to negotiate that next bend, to anticipate the timing on the next set of traffic lights, get in the correct lane at an intersection or to avoid a stray dog crossing the road. Continue reading

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How to Keep Motivated With a Journal

­­­Why Start Your Journey with a Journal?

In a previous *article we considered the links between inspiration and motivation and how to avoid desperation,so if you’re still with me and reading this second article, can we assume that you have already been inspired to start a new journey in business, or in your life? Continue reading

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Are You driven by Motivation?

Does Inspiration, motivation or desperation rule your journey of life?

When we consider our ongoing life or business as a series of journeys, it may well be inspiration that causes us to climb into our car, put the key in the ignition and start the engine. However it is motivation that will keep us driving, keep us steering, keep us changing gear and negotiating bends and hazards until we reach the end of our journey.

Is Inspiration Enough? Continue reading

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