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My name is Tony James.

 Born in London, brought up in Kent and then moving to the south coast of England for many years, during which I educated myself in the building industry setting up my own company until a back injury caused me to change direction and I entered the sales and marketing arena in the office equipment and print industry.

On being given a small redundant offset press by one of my clients I set about learning how to print and eventually established a printing company with six employees.

Running a Public Speaking Workshop in Bulgaria

During this period I had also been involved in teaching and coaching people from varied backgrounds and abilities to become proficient Public Speakers. Many of them went on to make a name for themselves, making  presentations to large audiences at seminars and conventions.

During my years in sales I had gained a reputation as a motivational speaker and put this skill to good use with my speaking ‘students’.  The profession of,  ‘Coaching’ as such, did not exist at that time, but I had unknowingly been practicing it for many years.

I am very much a ‘people person’ and in recent years have run, (together with my wife Louise) a successful franchise built around bringing life enhancement to those members of our society who find themselves living in care and residential homes, through Music Therapy Workshops. We subsequently were invited to become the Franchisee Trainers for the parent company.

Anticipating our intended move abroad, we trained in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and Life Coaching, both being disciplines that we can use in our adopted country.  Continuing our training since moving to Bulgaria we have been fortunate to be mentored by several leading coaches, including direct students and staff of Anthony Robbins.  Goal Setting, new Business, and Time Management are some of the areas which we specialize in.

At present I am also continuing my studying with “The Coaching Academy” Diploma in Personal Development Coaching.

With the ability to reach our clients anywhere in the world through the internet, and with provisions such as Skype, we are able to effectively coach from the comfort of our  home.

We would welcome the opportunity to ascertain how we may help you to, ‘Set and Get’ the goals that will give you the life you want.  Check out the ‘no obligation’ complementary coaching call that could mark a turning point in your life!

Our other interests include self improvement programs, complementary and holistic health systems, music, travel and exploring  cultures. Now based in North Somerset, a beautiful part of South West England, we are surrounded by country and coastal areas of natural beauty.

I am an active Blogger, writer and speaker, and author of the e-book “Your Guide to Confident Public Speaking”.  (Amazon Kindle Publication).

I’m also actively involved in coaching local entrepreneurs in improving their conversational English and helping them with new business start-ups,

In addition to her coaching, Louise is also an accomplished Country Singer, with four Albums to her credit and is still performing, backed by Tony, as the duo “Nashville Dream”.  She also acknowledges that her background in the health care sector has contributed to her caring approach to her coaching clients.

Tony and Louise

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