Breaking Down the Barriers to Success

Can Meditation Help You Achieve Your Goals?


Guest Blogger Jacqui Torrance challenges us to recognise some of the obstacles that, despite our best intentions, can get in the way when we are endeavouring to work on our goals. Have you ever considered why many top achievers have learnt to make time for themselves and use the powerful tool of meditation to refresh their minds, clear out mental clutter and establish positive thought patterns that lead to action?

Here are her observations:

Does it always seem that something stops you from achieving your goals? Do you find that, no matter how good your intentions, something always prevents you from moving forward in life? Many of us are held back by negative ideas and beliefs that we adopted from parents, guardians or other people of authority. Sometimes we might not even be aware of those beliefs, but they are held deep in our subconscious minds and affect everything that we do.

Many common phrases carry negative and psychologically crippling messages. For example:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees – suggests that it is very difficult to get money
  • Life is hard and then you die – suggests that life will always be full of hardship and troubles
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch – suggests that nobody will ever help you without expecting something in return
  • At least you’ve got a job … (even if you don’t enjoy it) – suggests that you should accept your current situation and not try to do anything to improve it

So what can you do about it? Guided meditation can help you to identify negative ideas and beliefs and remove them from your subconscious. It enables you to reprogram yourself with positive thoughts and to view your goals as possible and achievable.

It’s a bit like breaking down a wall. If the wall is blocking the road to success, knock it down! How fast you remove the wall depends on you. You can remove it one brick at a time, or you can get a hammer and smash the wall into pieces. Guided meditation helps puts you back in control.

Jacqui has worked in Bulgaria and the UK and is currently based in Essex, England. She spent many years working as a technical writer. She has a logical and analytical mind and strong communication skills. Over the years, Jacqui has helped many people with her skills in homoeopathy, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, and meditation. She also developed a unique treatment for tinnitus. Jacqui’s meditation sessions are always highly intuitive, her perception and insight will help you to understand the root of a problem or negative behavioural pattern. She is a co-founder of ‘Guided Meditation Online.’

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