Life Goals and ‘Living for the Moment’

How to ‘Live for the moment’, and still have ‘Life Goals’

In the Q & A session following one of my recent presentations on “Goal Setting for Success”, a schoolteacher raised an interesting question.

“If you are just focused on long or short term goals, isn’t there a danger of missing out on the ability to enjoy the present?”
An excellent question. …..

In the ensuing lively discussion, the reason for the question became apparent. After a successful career as a school teacher, the questioner has semi-retired and is enjoying living a more relaxed life around the concept of appreciating the things that we often take for granted or never have time to fully explore. For example taking the time to go for walks in the country and seeing nature at its best.

Could we get so wrapped up in goal-getting that we develop tunnel vision or become ‘blinkered’, as to other aspects of our life? Actually, yes, that is possible and can in fact be a real danger to ourselves and especially in our relationships.

One of the key strategies to achieving our goals is in fact being focused in order to be successful, but does this mean that that our goals take over our lives to the detriment of health, family and friends etc.?

As in all walks of life the secret is to have the ability to maintain a balance. Unfortunately this is not easy to do, as is demonstrated by the high number of so-called ‘successful’ people, who leave a trail of broken relationships and ruined lives in the wake of relentlessly pursuing their goals to the exclusion of all else.

It really comes back to what we want from life, and just as important, what we want to put into life. If we put high value on happiness, then that will be reflected in our goals and include such aims as to spend quality time with family and friends, set aside time for recreation and leisure and be in a position to help those toward whom we have compassion.

Sometimes, because it is frequently related to business, goal setting is labelled as being a pursuit of materialistic gain, however, we can (and should!) have goals in many different areas of our life, so it would be sensible to factor in goals that allow or encourage us to ‘live for the moment’.

For example an excellent goal to aim for is to improve our health. Some of the ‘small steps’ on the way to achieve that, are to manage our schedule to include such things as meditation, observation and enjoyment of nature as a relaxing therapy, sharing upbuilding social time with family and friends, appreciating art and music, wholesome meals, exercise and other therapeutic pursuits.

When reviewing our activity, may be at the end of the month, week or day, we can attain a degree of contentment or happiness from those areas previously mentioned just as we can from successful financial or commercial ventures.

If you are a follower of my Blogs, you will know that I often conclude a post with the expression “Stay Focused”, – so for a balanced life you can still stay focused, whether on your long or short term goals or enjoying the moment!

Discover what your real goals are – and how to achieve them!


Tony J James, Basic Author



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