The Art of Positive Thinking

Take Positive Steps Towards Your Goals

If you have been following my Blog Posts, you will now have an idea of just how important the practice of setting goals is and realise that the key to following the straightest path to attain them is to take action on the steps needed. If you are fortunate (or wise enough) to have a coach one of the questions that will be asked in the initial sessions will be “What do you want?” or “Where do you want to be this time next year (or in two years/ five years time)?”

The big question now is; “Are you going to take those steps?”

The evidence shows that setting and pursuing goals works. So why would you not start taking those steps?

When it comes down to the hardcore truth the only reason for taking no action, or even procrastinating is, …. negative thinking, or lack of positive thinking. If you think in the negative, you will attract the negative, and vice versa. We reap what we sow.

Make a pact with yourself that the next time you hear yourself being negative or even having negative thoughts, you will make a conscious effort to replace those feelings with a positive thought.
For example, if it’s to do with achievements, try using the ‘What if’ exercise;

“I can’t see myself doubling my income by this time next year?” – typical negative outlook.
“What if I can double my income by this time next year?” Explore that feeling – what difference will it make to your life, your family, your future, if you achieved that?
Your next question is; “So, what is stopping me from doing just that?”, followed by, “What can I do to change those things?”

Act to take control of your life, by taking control of your thoughts. True, you cannot stop negativity coming in to your mind, (although you can greatly reduce it, more about that in a later post!), but you can then decide what you will do with those intruding thoughts. You can dwell on them and encourage them to stick around, or you can query them, challenge them, and replace them with positive solutions.

Isn’t it bizarre that we often chide ourselves or berate ourselves out loud; “Oh! I can’t go on like this!”, and accept that as a normal happening, but if we do the opposite and encourage ourselves out loud; “Come on! You can do better than that!”, we feel silly or self conscious!

One way you can reduce inbound negativity is to reduce the opportunities to hear it. Refuse to spend time with negative people. Avoid them like the plague, because like the plague they will weaken you, and mentally destroy you. Incidentally, this involves not just your circle of family, friends and work colleagues, but includes who you ‘mix’ with through the media, constantly watching the doom and gloom of finance, politics, and crime reportage drains you of motivation

How about endeavoring to mix with positive minded people as much as you can, you will be pleasantly surprised at how different you will feel. Build a network of enthusiastic forward thinkers and enjoy regular, ‘brainstorming’ or ‘mastermind meetings’ with them and you will soon find yourself thinking in a totally different, positive and beneficial way.

Stay focused!

Tony James, Life Coach Tony J James, Basic Author



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