Setting Smarter Goals


Smart or Smarter Goals?

Okay, so we considered setting SMART goals, let’s take that a
stage further and think about setting SMARTER goals.
If you remember the first part of this acronym consisted of:

So now we are going to extend that to:

  • E – Ethical (or Exciting or Enthusiastic!)
  • R – Recorded (or Resourced or Rewarding!) (See my next Blog Post)

So much has been written about this subject of ‘Goal Setting’
and of course there are bound to be variations on a theme as it were,
because of course there is no set and patented formula for such a
personal course of action. Research produces a variety of options
shown within the brackets or parenthesis in the list above.
All of them have some relevance, so rather than be pedantic and
insist that any particular choice is favourite, let’s take a few extra
moments to consider each with its own merits, then you will have
the luxury of choice to suit your circumstances.

How does ‘Ethical’ come into the equation? Most of us have good
ethics that we try to live up to and hopefully we set goals within
those ethics. When we do so, it gives credence to the argument
against those who accuse goal setters of being selfish, – just pursuing
their own ends. Frequently a person with decent ethics will have goals
that are set up to benefit others in the first place.

For example, when you check out many of the successful goal getters and entrepreneurs you discover that they are often very philanthropic. Many of them
know what it’s like to ‘not have’ and are only in a position to give because they worked hard at realizing their goals. Aiming for ethical goals means that very probably others will benefit from your achievements.

Some will use the word ‘Exciting’ in this context and that certainly fits,
as if there is excitement, enthusiasm, and passion fuelling your desire
to attain your goals there will be no stopping you! This aspect also
re-emphasizes a point made in an earlier post about ‘Relevance’, that
our goals need to be ‘our’ goals, not necessarily those encouraged, or
sometimes dictated by our childhood influencers, current mentors,
relatives or peers.

There is nothing wrong with feeling excited about a goal, either working towards it or ultimately, achieving it. In fact using the expression “excited” in your written goals and affirmations strengthens your desire to reach your goal. Another word linked to ‘excited’, is ‘zealous’ or full of zeal, which has as part of it’s definition, – ‘an excessive fervor to do something, or accomplish some end result’.

In other words, turn your dreams into goals through taking action!

Tony J James, Basic Author



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