Recording Your Goals

 Are your Goals Recorded?


According to some authorities the letter ‘R’ as the last letter of the acronym S.M.A.R.T.E.R.  (Goals),  stands for; ‘Resources’. Certainly you will have to allocate some resources to attaining your goals. It could be that you might not have the necessary resources to accomplish them when you first commit to your goals, however one thing to remember is that it is not always imperative that you know just how you are going to reach your goals.

So even if you feel that you do not have the resources just at that point, do not allow this to deter you from your long-term goals. It would be good to consider what resources are needed, short or long term, to make progress towards your goal. Possibly the one resource you may have could be your time, in which case you owe it to yourself to schedule time to devote to pursuing your goals.


Another school of thought indicates that the letter ‘R’ could in fact stand for ‘Recorded’ or something which is recordable. It is certainly true that it is necessary to write down your intended goals, this for several reasons, firstly the very act of writing your goals down imprints them upon your mind in a much more effective manner than just thinking about them, or indeed even speaking them. So it is essential that if you wish to follow your goals and achieve them they must be written down.

Incidentally in this day of computers and mobile applications it can often be so much easier to enter your goals using a keyboard or even as I’m doing at present using a dictation ‘speech to text’ program, however we have it on good authority that actually writing your goals down, i.e. using pen or pencil is far more effective in registering the thoughts in your mind.

Even if you are using a computer program or computer-based diary or journal it is still an excellent idea to physically write your goals down and to keep a physical copy, that is a paper journal. This journal will take on greater value if you actually use a well bound book not just a reporter’s style notebook, which is generally spiral bound, but a hardback book which can be kept and referred to many, many times as an incentive to follow your goals.

To further increase the effectiveness of goal writing, a good habit to get into, is to write your goals frequently, not just the one time. I have found in the past that writing goals every day really impresses upon your subconscious mind the importance of these goals in your life. If you are serious about achieving your goals then why not spend just a few minutes every day writing major goals down in your journal and referring back to them whenever you have the opportunity, in fact to take it a stage further, why not make a note of your major goals on a small card, and keep it with you, maybe in your wallet or purse, and make a point of looking at it every day to help you keep focused.

The second reason for writing your goals down, according to many, is that this enables you to reflect back on your goals in the future and of course to keep track of them. Usually it’s true to say that a major goal will only be achieved by taking tiny steps towards that goal, in other words setting a whole series of small steps which will lead you inevitably to achieving your major goal. There are several effective ways to accomplish this.

One method is to use mind mapping which can be a very effective tool to establish the various tasks that you need to perform in order to create these small goals and steps.

Reverse planning is another way – working your way back from accomplishing your goal and establishing what steps you took immediately before that … and then immediately before that … and then immediately before that, until you get back to where you are right now, – and there you have your steps set out for you!

So, go get a journal and write your way towards your goals!

Tony J James, Basic Author



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