How Do I Set Relevant Goals?

Setting ‘Relevant’ Goals.

In what sense are our goals relevant – “Relevant to what?”, is the question that immediately comes to mind.

Frequently someone will set a goal, start working towards it, really struggle to progress and wonder why they are not moving forward.
This can go on for ages, until they suddenly start to question the relevancy of their goal.

• “Is this something I really want?”
• “Where does this fit in with my beliefs?”
• “Is it compatible with my other goals?”
• “Is it actually one of MY goals?”
• “Is it relevant to my timeframe?”
• Is it relevant to my overall life scheme?”

It will help us to decide on the relevancy of a particular goal if we take a few moments to consider and answer those questions.

1. “Is this something I really want?”
Some times we set a goal because it may seem like ‘the thing to do’. Maybe it is based on something we have read, may be our role model has made it their goal, or subconsciously we feel that others would expect us to pursue this goal. Could it be that some historic situation prompted us to adopt this goal and we feel obligated in some way even if we don’t feel comfortable with it?

2. “Where does this fit in with my beliefs?”
Example: If your beliefs are that we should be content with a modest means of living, will having a goal to be a multi-millionaire sit comfortably with us (no matter how nice it sounds). Don’t get your current beliefs and previously held paradigms and ‘limiting beliefs’ get confused.

3. “Is it compatible with my other goals?”
Sometimes we inadvertently set goals that work against each other. As an example; First Goal – “I have a stress free life with no worries by this time next year”,

Second Goal – “I am running my own brand new company this time next year”.

Hmmm, I don’t think so!


Check out your Goals for compatability!





4. “Is it actually one of MY goals?”

Very often we pursue goals out of a moral obligation, perhaps to our parent, teachers, careers advisors, our partners or peers. Trace your goal back to it’s roots, when did it present itself to your mind, did it originate from your own desires and dreams or from a suggestion, (probably well meant!) from someone else? To consistently strive toward our target it must be one that we have put in place – not someone else. The exception is, of course, if we adopt the idea and it genuinely becomes our aim.

5. “Is it relevant to my timeframe?”

This may appear obvious, but it is pointless declaring that you will have a thriving veterinary practice in two years time, when you have a four year Degree course to complete first!

Mother & Baby

Travel or Family (or Both?)

Hardly practical to pursue a goal to travel around the world before reaching 25 years of age and having another goal tucked away that you aim to marry and have children whilst still young.

6. “Is it relevant to my overall life scheme?”

This is where we need to step back and take an overview of where we want our life to go. It is also time to be brutally honest in our appraisal. We may discover that we have a particular goal which doesn’t sit well with our overall life vision and when we analyse it we realise that it is perhaps frivolous, based on a fad or fashion, without any real substance – something that just doesn’t warrant our time spent on it. In fact we should be spending time and effort on more worthwhile goals. There is nothing to stop us indulging ourselves later when more important or significant goals have been met!

Tony J James, Basic Author



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