Is Your Goal Attainable?

 When converting your dreams to goals should you set any limits or boundaries to those goals?

Should you aim for the Sky and see how far you get, or make your goal something reasonable so that you don’t get discouraged?

In the much vaunted theory of setting ‘S M A R T’ goals, the ‘A’ stands for ‘attainable’, but what does that imply?

Some ‘gurus’ tend to get carried away with enthusiasm and take the stance that, “Anything you dream about is possible” but there are limits to everything!  Having said that, many things once considered impossible, with progress and the passage of time are now commonplace.

There is certainly a lot of controversy and discussion about this aspect of goal setting and as with many things there is not an answer set in stone.  It is good to review your goal and ask yourself some pertinent questions, for example, “Is the amount (quantity, degree, figure, extent ….) of my goal attainable?”, “Is the time frame or target date sensible?”, “Am I physically capable of reaching this goal”, “Do world conditions allow this goal to be achieved?”   Check out this short video for an inspirational view of this subject


Think about these points sensibly, don’t use them as excuses for not attempting your goals, but factor them into the equation.  If you feel that you are in fact stretching too far, keep the goal as a major objective, but concentrate on hitting an interim goal, which will still take you in the same direction.  When you hit that goal, you move on to the next, and by that time you may well have accumulated the resources which will allow you to aim for the ultimate target, your eventual goal.

If you set a goal which is totally implausible, for example, “I have cured the world of hunger by 20??” then with all the enthusiasm, faith and action you can muster, I suggest you will probably meet with disappointment and give up in despair!

However, make that a reasonable, attainable goal, e.g. “I am running a fund       providing $X,000 to provide food for starving children in ……… by 1st of January 20??” and you still have an honorable, reachable, rewarding goal to work towards.

So, don’t hold back on having ‘impossible’ goals, remember ANY goal is reached one step at a time, in other words a series of smaller goals and if you keep on working towards and attaining those small goals, who knows what can become ‘attainable’.

Look out for the next post, where we will talk about targets and time frames.   Stay focused!

Tony J James, Basic Author



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