Setting Specific Goals

Are Your Goals ‘Specific’?

One of my clients recently asked me, – “Just how specific should I be when considering my goals?”

Good question.
The short answer is, the more detailed your definition the better. Why should that be?

To help reach your goal you need to be able to focus on it with as many of your senses as you can, for example if your goal is to:

Lose twenty pounds of body weight,

Visualize what that will feel like when trying on new clothes, what you will look like on the beach/at the gym etc. You will even sound much better if you are breathing easier after some exercise when carrying less weight – and the sense of smell?  Well by the same token, if you are twenty pounds lighter you may well perspire less and smell better!

Make $10,000 a month,


What will that feel like? What does that amount of hard cash look like, or feel like to  count it out?  What reaction will you hear from your wife/husband/ bank manager/creditor when you settle up a bill with no problem?  What purchases will you make without having to worry about the cost? How will you use it to reward yourself for reaching your goal?



Establish or maintain a fulfilling and successful relationship                                                             

What will that look like? What emotions will be prevalent? What expressions will you hear from your partner? What feelings will be shown by touch? How happy will that make you feel? Who will be involved in your close relationships? What gifts may be exchanged?



Contribute to a charity.

What difference will you see as a result of your gift? What will be the outcome to an individual who benefited from your generosity. How will their gratitude affect you? What new friends or contacts will you make?



Travel Across Europe.

Which cities will you visit, how will you travel, where will you stay? What new languages will you hear, different food you will experience? What unacustomed smells will you notice? What attractions will you visit?  What currency will you use?


If you use a visualisation board or mindmap to help you keep focused then you need pictures or images to act as prompts and
reminders, and the closer they represent your actual goal, the more powerful an incentive to work towards it.

If affirmations are part of your goal-getting regime, they also should refer to the actual quantities, feelings, experiences that you intend to enjoy, and of course always expressed in the present, as if you already are in posession of your goal.

You also need to know when you have reached your goal and that is only possible if the goal is clearly defined. Then you are free to concentrate on your next goal!

You will find that your life coach will encourage you to define your long term goals and the steps you need to take to obtain them.

Tony James, Life Coach Tony J James, Basic Author



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