“…… If you don’t have a dream, you won’t have a dream come true …”

This line from the song, “Happy Talk” from the Musical ‘South Pacific’ actually states a truism that is recognized by all schools of Life Coaching.

Dreaming on the Beach


It is not wrong to be ‘a dreamer’, despite the ‘bad press’ the expression has unfairly suffered.

The most successful people on the planet started out with a dream, an idea, a belief, an inspiration, or a goal.

(Image by Serge Bertasius Photography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

So did many unsuccessful people!

Why did the majority fail while just a few succeeded?
Simple. They never pursued their Dreams. They never developed their dreams into Goals, their goals into Achievements, their achievements into Success!

So let me ask you a question, where are you on that timeline?

Do you have a dream? Has it turned into a definite goal? Are you working toward that goal?  Have you reached any achievements.  Are you enjoying SUCCESS?

OK so, in the context of pursuing your life, what actually is a dream? We are of course not talking about dreams we have whilst asleep and have no control over, nor the sometimes distracting thoughts that appear uninvited in our minds from time to time i.e., ‘daydreams’.
One dictionary definition of the type of dream we are talking about is:

‘something hoped for: something that somebody hopes, longs, or is ambitious for, usually something difficult to attain or far removed from present circumstances .

(Encarta ® World English Dictionary ©)

Sometimes we are conditioned by our parents, peers or paradigms to think that it is wrong to have dreams, that it is time-wasting, futile and discouraging. Far from it!

What is wrong is to have those dreams and never act on them. To dismiss them as being impossible, unattainable, and therefore pointless.

Many people find themselves wishing they had pursued their dreams and feeling frustration at where they are in their lives.

Things could have and would have, been very different with a little encouragement.  If only they had the support of a coach!

How could a coach help?  What does a coach do?  Check out my next post, and we’ll explore how by working together with your coach you can turn dreams into goals, goals into achievement and achievement into success and happiness.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Tony J James, EzineArticles.com Basic Author



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  5. TonyJ says:

    Thank you for reading and also your comment, Praise Abolaji,
    A good question!
    The two words are closely linked and have similar meanings. An ‘achievement’ is the act or actual process of completing a task or a goal, which then results in a state of ‘success’.

    They can be used together, as in; “They successfully achieved their goal of becoming famous”. You could also reverse the order of the two words to give a similar meaning, as in; “They achieved success as famous people” So, broadly speaking, ‘achieve’ refers to the action, success is the result. I hope that helps!

  6. praise abolaji says:

    thanks for this article.pls sir i want you to explain difference between achievement and success.

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